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Today, that spirit of innovation comes to life in the CertainTeed Siding Collection – an exceptional selection of siding products offering the industry’s broadest choice of options in materials, styles, colors and performance options.

Vinyl Siding

Consistently ranked as the number one brand of choice, CertainTeed vinyl siding delivers the widest selection of colors, styles and design choices. And it’s backed by outstanding warranty coverage.

First In Brand
Year after Year, CertainTeed Siding has been Rated #1 in Brand Use, by remodelers, builders, architects and consumers.
First In Performance
CertainTeed siding was the first designed to perform under high wind conditions through proprietary RigidFrom™ technology. The concept is based on rolled-over nail hem design that creates a reinforcing spine.
First In Style
CertainTeed siding is available in a wide choice of styles that complements any architectural design. Each has a unique look based on designs common to diverse geographic areas and historical periods. CertainTeed was the first to produce siding utilizing a direct transfer system from real cedar boards for natural TrueTexture™  finishes. The look of true wood craftsmanship can be created when combined with CertainTeed’s Vinyl Carpentry® and Restoration Millwork®.
First In Sustainability
CertainTeed is the first siding manufacturer to provide its customers with complete environmental transparency, and the first to submit aLife Cycle Assessment (LCA) to the Building for Economic and Environmental Sustainability (BEES) program for third party verification and publication. The results for CertainTeed’s vinyl and polymer and siding clearly demonstrate the value of using life cycle assessment when choosing green building products. Using recycled materials can significantly reduce the environmental impact, and the energy savings as well as the durability of the vinyl and polymer siding far outweigh the environmental impacts associated with their manufacture.

To learn more about BEES, visitwww.nist.gov/el/economics/BEESSoftware.cfm.

For the complete CertainTeed independent study, go towww.certainteed.com/LCA

First In Color With Lifetime Fade Protection
CertainTeed offers an industry-leading spectrum of colors including unique, darker shades and semi-transparent stained blends for virtually unlimited design possibilities. Utilizing PermaColor™ System – a blend of our own Certavin™ resin, superior micro-ingredients and state-of-the-art pigment chemistry – CertainTeed guarantees Lifetime Fade Protection on our vinyl siding, as well as impact resistance and durability. With CertainTeed siding, you’ll never need to paint and you can rest assured that your home will stay beautiful for years to come.
Rough cedar finished molded from real cedar boards.
Straight Even Face
CedarBoards panels have a straight, even face without the concavity common to ordinary vinyl siding.
Deep 3/4 in. Straight-Edge Panel Projection
Wood siding crafted from newly-sawn cedar typically features a deep pane projection.
CedarBoards Custom Contoured Foam
CeadarBoards custom contoured foam backing increases R-value, improving the home’s thermal efficiency. It also adds strength and rigidity for a solid look and feel.
Sharp Batten Edge
The straight-edged design of the batten creates a finely crafted, real-wood look.

Vinyl Insulated Siding

CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding from CertainTeed offers color, texture and beauty on the outside, while delivering warmth, comfort and quiet on the inside. And it provides greater strength and resilience than ordinary vinyl.


Polymer Shake

CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding from CertainTeed offers color, texture and beauty on the outside, while delivering warmth, comfort and quiet on the inside. And it provides greater strength and resilience than ordinary vinyl.


Straight-Up Installation
for easier, faster application.
TrueTexture™ Finish
Molded from real cedar shingles for an authentic look.
Grain Texture
on Butt and random shingle gaps for a natural appearance and seamless appearance.
Positive Lock
with lead-in guide stays in place while nailing.
Panel Projection
Perfection and Half-Round Shingles: 3/4″ Rough-Split Shakes: 1″
Decorative Trim and Accessories
in matching colors including matching mitered outside cornerposts
The Patented PanelThermometer™
and temperature lines are designed to ensure precise installation.

CertainTeed Warranty Options

For more information on our CertainTeed warranties please visit our warranty page which can be found here.

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