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Need MicroGuard?

It’s not just a screen…It’s leaf protection!

MicroGuard Gutter Screen

Englert’s MicroGuard gutter screen features the latest in micro-filtration technology providing superior leaf protection. Its angled micro-perforations effectively block large debris from sticking to the screen while efficiently clearing water into the gutter.
MicroGuard is available in three different configurations giving contractors options for using the screen in different gutter and roof conditions.Traditional MicroGuard is attached to the front of the gutter while the back sits on the back bracket, facing down.
Reverse Bend MicroGuard is attached to the front of the gutter but its back faces up and fits to the drip edge, preventing water from coming off the roof and going behind the gutter.
MicroGuard Flat is attached to the front of the gutter but its back is flat to fit under the first row of shingles on a roof where the shingles have been cut too short.
Easy to install, the new MicroGuard does not penetrate shingles and won’t violate roofing material warranties. Each four foot section is easy to install requiring only three zip screws guaranteeing secure and maintenance-free leaf protection. The sections are made of sturdy 032 gauge aluminium and have 2000 holes per lineal foot to maximize drainage.
Micro Filtration
Micro Filtration system designed to keep small twigs, pine needles and debris from clogging gutters
Great Curb Appeal
Great curb appeal – will not interfere with roof lines – it can be installed on all, or isolated sections of gutter with heavy exposure to trees – it’s virtually invisible from the street so no one will notice it’s there!
Micro-Filter System
Micro-Filter system will not penetrate roof shingles and therefore won’t void roof warranties
Maximum Strength
Maximum strength, constructed of heavy gauge 032 aluminum – won’t bow, bend or separate from the gutter.
Easy to Install
Quick and easy to install on almost any 5 or 6 inch gutter system.

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