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Your home’s gutters protect your property as a whole, diverting rain and other water away from the roof and walls. If your gutters are broken, leaking, or clogged up, they won’t be working at maximum capacity. You could have water overflowing from your gutters and dripping down your walls, as well as affecting the integrity of your roof and foundation. Gutters that are clogged can cause water to accumulate, which damages fascia boards. Overflowing water can even end up over-watering your lawn and affecting your home’s foundation. Recognizing these problems and investing in new gutters will protect your home and prevent these problems from occurring, however, there are a lot of options out there. We recommend seamless gutters, and specifically LeafGuard seamless gutters. 

Seamless Gutters vs. Regular Gutters

When you’re thinking about replacing your gutters, you can choose between regular gutters and seamless gutters. But what exactly is the difference? Regular gutters are made from numerous pieces that have to be joined up, creating seams where the parts join. This increases the risk of cracks and leaks in the seams, where water can drift through.

Seamless gutters only have seams at the corners, where they join with downspouts. They are made all in one piece, so there are no seams that will spring a leak. Seamless gutters have been available to the public for more than half a century now, but not all homes have them. If you’re thinking about new gutters, seamless gutters could be the right choice.

The Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters offer multiple excellent benefits over traditional gutters. Regular gutters can get clogged up quickly if they’re not cleaned often, and they can be more difficult to maintain. The seams can split and create leaks, which require repair to keep your gutters functioning properly.

Seamless gutters are much easier to maintain. There are no seams for debris to get caught in, making them easier to clean and less likely to be damaged. Seamless gutters are made to fit your home in one smooth length. They can also be hung to reduce damage to your home using a hidden bracket system that also looks great. At Rain Drain, we use Hangtite hidden hangers that are placed inside of the gutter for no roof damage. The end result looks great, with all corners hand-cut on-site and pop-riveted together.

There are different options to choose from so you can get seamless gutters that fit your budget.

LeafGuard Gutters

LeafGuard gutters are the best seamless gutters available. They’re the only patented one-piece seamless gutter system, and they’re backed by the Good Housekeeping seal. These gutters never clog up from leaves and other debris due to their clever design with a built-in hood. Rainwater flows freely, while debris is prevented from getting trapped in your gutters. It’s made to fit your roof exactly to provide a perfect solution.

Get a free estimate for seamless gutters from Rain Drain here. We can help you to improve your home with protection from a superior guttering system.

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