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One of the biggest problems homeowners face with gutters is that they get filled up with leaves and other debris. If they’re not cleaned out regularly, they can stop draining properly and allow water to accumulate. This can cause costly repairs to the most important part of your home: Your foundation. Fortunately, there is a solution to this in the form of gutter guards, which are designed to prevent debris from entering the gutters. Water is still able to run through the gutters as usual, but other material is prevented from entering. Two of the brands that you might consider if you’re looking for gutter guards are LeafGuard and Leaf Filter. But what’s the difference and which of them should you choose?


Firstly, Leaf Filter makes gutter guards that are installed on your existing gutters. They’re made from stainless steel but also use uPVC material. LeafGuard, however, is a complete gutter system that offers you seamless gutters with a built-in hood. LeafGuard gutters are created on-site to fit your home exactly and no seams mean that there’s a lower chance of leaks or cracks. They’re made with metal that’s around 20% thicker than the industry standard for durability too.


LeafGuard is specially installed for you, made to fit your home, and hung using a system that is designed to minimize damage. As a complete gutter system, LeafGuard will replace your existing gutters, providing you with an efficient system to weatherproof your home. The gutters are securely fixed to your fascia board with hidden, non-corrosive hangers to protect your roof. They’re not screwed or nailed on, so they don’t damage your roof.

On the other hand, Leaf Filter guards are installed on your existing gutters. They’re installed close to the wall and not visible from the ground. While you don’t have to attach them to your roof or install new gutters, there are mixed reviews about the efficiency of their installation.

Durability and Maintenance

Durability is an essential thing to consider if you want to install protection for your gutters. You especially want to know that LeafGuard systems are durable because you’re installing completely new gutters. Fortunately, you can trust LeafGuard to offer a durable option that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. The seamless design helps to prevent leaks and the hood prevents debris from entering the guttering. LeafGuard gutters are also finished with ScratchGuard paint, which prevents chips, peels, and cracks to keep your gutters looking great.

Leaf Filter is a system that uses a very fine mesh to filter out debris. Made of metal and PVC, they are designed to be durable but can present some issues. They sometimes make it difficult for the gutters to handle large amounts of water, which could lead to damage caused by heavy rainfall.

If you want to protect your home with an efficient gutter system, LeafGuard provides everything that you need. It’s a seamless gutter system and gutter guard in one.

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