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When looking at your gutters, you may not realize how complex it is.

For your knowledge we have created this guide to better understand how rain drains to the right way parts of your landscape.

Looking at your gutters, it’s easy to identify key pieces in the puzzle.

Knowing what your gutters are is something else.

Rain Drain and LeafGuard will cover what is important.


Look at your gutters and you will see several downspouts through your home.

These downspouts are an important part of the Rain Drain gutter system.

They help to divert that water away from your home.

This protects the foundation and prevents erosion.


Every gutter system needs something known as an elbow. The elbow is a valuable part to any gutter system because it helps to direct the water away from the foundation and driveway. If too much water pools around your house, it can be really dangerous, which is why the elbow helps to do its job and direct water and ice away from the foundation and driveway.

Downspout Extension

When you look at the downspout on your home, you may see that there are not any downspout extensions. These extensions are super important as they help direct the water away from your home. These extensions attach to your downspout.

Hidden Hangers

You may not even be able to see these hangers from where you’re standing, but they are super important. You cannot see these from the ground, when looking up. However, these hidden hangers help keep the gutters hung.

End Cap

You may never even have given thought to this part of your gutter system, but it is very valuable. The end cap of a gutter system is perfect because it closes off the gutter. You won’t have water pouring out the side and down your house, thanks to the end cap.

Gutters are important for life

When you see a house without gutters, you wonder how their house survives. Gutters are an important part of a home that shouldn’t be ignored. The one downside of gutters is that they can easily be clogged. Leaves, twigs, and debris can get inside the gutters and make it a nightmare for a homeowner. This can all change with the right system, like Raindrain and LeafGuard.

LeafGuard is are perfect for giving you that “don’t worry about it attitude.” These gutter guards are awesome in preventing your gutters from getting clogged. Just think, no more long hours or climbing up the gutter to get rid of debris and leaves. Not to mention the whole gutter cleaning process can be dangerous.

Say goodbye to gutters that cause basement flooding and even roof damage. Don’t wait until you forget to clean your gutters, use Rain Drain and LeafGuard to take care of things ALL THE TIME!

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