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Gutter Shutter

Experience the unmatched performance of Gutter Shutter’s no clog guttering system installed by Rain Drain

Experience the Benefits of Gutter Shutter in Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan, and Ohio: The World’s Strongest, Most Innovative Gutter System

Between climbing ladders to clean out leaves and debris, replacing or repairing water-stained siding and shingles caused by overfull downspouts, and patching up holes from sagging gutters, you’ve probably found yourself thinking: “Does the perfect gutter system even exist?”

Well, when it comes to gutter systems, we think Gutter Shutter®—the industry’s most durable, all-in-one gutter guard system—is pretty close to perfect!

With a 6″ gutter size that carries 20% more water than standard 5″ gutters, our team at Rain Drain is confident that Gutter Shutter’s premium gutter system will protect your home from moisture damage to provide a lifetime of maintenance-free performance.

Why Is Gutter Shutter the Premium Gutter Solution for Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan, and Ohio Homeowners?

What sets Gutter Shutter apart from other gutter systems? Gutter Shutter guarantees what some gutter systems promise, but few can deliver:


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Clog-Free Guarantee

With a fully enclosed, rounded hood design, this all-in-one gutter guard system keeps unwanted leaves and debris out while allowing water to flow through.

You can hang up your ladder for good. With Gutter Shutter’s lifetime no-clog warranty, you’ll never need to clean your gutters again!

Sturdy Design

Cheap gutter systems eventually sag and pull away from your home, which often damages the siding, roofing, and fascia along with them.

Gutter Shutter is made from thick, high-quality metal and installed with durable, supportive brackets (that will not void your roof warranty) to prevent sagging and pulling caused by poor-quality gutters.

Effective Water Management

Clogged and leaky gutters can cause considerable water damage to your roof, siding, lawn, basement, foundation, and interior walls—so, basically, your entire home!

Gutter Shutter is designed with a cutting-edge water management system that carries 20% more water than traditional gutter systems and has been proven to protect your roof, foundation, and front lawn from water damage and erosion.

Premium-Grade Aluminum

Gutter Shutter is made from heavy-duty 0.032-gauge aluminum, making it the sturdiest gutter system on the market. No matter what the forecast throws your way, from heavy rainfall to harsh ultraviolet rays—Gutter Shutter will stand strong and help your home weather the storm.

Customizable Design

With an attractive design that mimics the look of crown molding on steep and shallow roofs, Gutter Shutter will enhance your home’s architectural style.
Choose from 12 attractive Gutter Shutter color options: Forest Green, Cream, Wicker, Clay, Tuxedo Grey, Black, Terratone, Almond, Royal Brown, White, Pearl Grey, & Musket Brown. Each with a 20-year paint warranty. With Gutter Shutter, you can enjoy a new gutter system that enhances your property’s features while creating a fresh, eye-catching look.

All-American Made

The entire Gutter Shutter system—from the seamless gutters and gutter guards to the downspouts and downspout extensions—is made in the USA.

Explore Color Options Today

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Our Customers Trust Us

Why Choose Rain Drain for Reliable, Hassle-Free Gutter Shutter Installation?

Rain Drain has helped over 15,000 homeowners with top-tier gutter installations since 1996. Our customers choose us over the competition because of our unwavering commitment to the following principles.

We use premium products.

Unlike other gutter companies that offer low prices with “quick fixes” and subpar installation at your expense, Rain Drain only installs top-tier gutters that provide long-term solutions, like Gutter Shutter. We want you to receive the highest value for your investment.

We provide customizable financing solutions.

Gutter Shutter is the last gutter guard system you’ll ever need, but because of its cutting-edge design and high-quality materials—it can be a pricey investment. At Rain Drain, we offer financing options through GreenSky so that you can enjoy all the benefits of Gutter Shutter now with a customizable, flexible, and affordable payment plan.

We offer lifetime warranties.

In addition to Gutter Shutter’s no-clog warranty and 20-year paint warranty, our team at Rain Drain offers a lifetime workmanship guarantee to provide our clients with lasting peace of mind. We stand by our craftsmanship for as long as you own your home. Our work is built to last!

​Trade Clogged, Deteriorating Gutters for Lasting Peace of Mind with Gutter Shutter Installation

After learning about Gutter Shutter, most homeowners’ first question is: “When can I schedule my installation?” And rightfully so! Gutter Shutter is the all-in-one, maintenance-free gutter solution that almost seems too good to be true (but it’s not!).

Rain Drain would love to install Gutter Shutter to guard your home’s exterior from water damage and remove “cleaning the gutters” from the home maintenance checklist (for good!). Schedule a free consultation to get started.

Gutter Shutter

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