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If you ask someone about what actions they think might increase the value of a property, they might suggest a new kitchen or converting the basement. However, these kinds of projects can end up costing more to complete than the value they will add to the property. If you want to increase the value of your home, either for your own enjoyment or because you want to sell in the future, there are some much more practical things that you can do. Try these top home improvement options to add value to your home



1. Improve Your Gutter System

Your home’s gutter system is an essential part of its weatherproofing. It directs rain away from the roof and walls of your home to protect it from moisture and prevent problems such as damp. If it has problems or isn’t adequate, it could lead to serious issues for your home, including structural problems. A new gutter system, or simply cleaning or repairing your gutters can really improve your home. Not only will it protect your home but it will help it look better too. 

At Rain Drain, we proudly sell and install the Gutter that never clogs, Guaranteed! LeafGuard gutters are the only patented one-piece seamless gutter system. Plus, LeafGuard Gutters are backed by the Good House Keeping seal.


2. Check Your Roof

Your home’s roof needs to be in good condition if you want it to protect your property and keep you warm and dry. It’s important to inspect your roof at least annually to check for any problems that might have been caused by the weather, animals, debris, or anything else. Other signs inside your home could indicate a roof issue too, such as leaks or damp patches. It’s important to repair your roof when necessary and to replace it when it starts to deteriorate.

With Lifetime warranties offered on our wide range of roofing options, Rain Drain is the place to purchase the last roof your home will ever need. Whether you are looking for steel or asphalt roofing, we have it all!


3. Update Your Windows

Your windows help to insulate your home, keeping out moisture and also helping to keep your home cool or warm, depending on the temperature. Leaks in your windows can cause problems for your home and drive up your energy bills. Repairing or replacing windows both improves insulation and the appearance of your home. You can make it look better both from the inside and the outside. Windows last a pretty long time but they don’t last forever, so they do need your attention. 

At Rain Drain, we provide customizable windows to fit your needs. Keep your home at the right temperature year-round with windows that will keep the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer. We can make them in many shapes and styles.


4. Insulate Your Home

One of the great advantages of insulating your home is that it makes it much more energy-efficient. You could end up saving money on your heating and air conditioning when your home is fully insulated. You can insulate various parts of your home, including the roof, walls and floors, attic, and crawl space. It makes your home more eco-friendly, saves you money, and prevents problems like dampness and mold.

Rain Drain has a wide range of insulation-based services to make sure your home is hot in the winter and cool in the summer.


5. Install Siding

Another way to weatherproof your home is to install siding. You can increase the value of your home with new siding that both protects your home’s exterior and improves its appearance too. You can have a really dramatic change in appearance for your home for better curb appeal, as well as great energy efficiency.

Rain Drain’s siding collection offers the industry’s broadest choice of options in materials, styles, colors, and performance options.

Find out more about each of these home upgrades at: www.RainDrain.com, and discover how you can raise the value of your home.

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